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Customer Reviews

Authenitic hole-in-the wall taqueria in Pleasanton of all places! So many types of meat to choose from--like 20. Most places just have beef or chicken but here it's like chorizo, shredded chicken, green chicken, beef, sausage, carne asada , etc.

- Jen B.

This is my favorite mexican place in norcal!! The chips and salsa are incredible!! much better than fiesta taco!! Order the grilled chicken taco salad, you wont be disappointed!! John Madden is a frequent guest too!!

- Nicole S.

Ive been working in the area for a lil over two years and have been on a quest to find a decent taqueria in the area. I could say that after the first two months of searching and eating at some garbage places, I have found a decent place.

- Jose G.

Rancho Grande makes the most unbelievable shrimp burrito in all of existence. The shrimp is not overcooked (which is so easy to do) and the sauces and flavors are just lights out. If God came down and had one of their shrimp burritos, he'd seriously consider restocking the entire ocean with just shrimp.

- Rick D.

This is my favorite taqueria in Pleasanton! I always get the vegetarian burrito, which is great, and the salsa bar is delicious. It's such a bargain, too! The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because, while most of the time the food is terrific, on occasion the quality hasn't been consistent.

- Cheryl R.